You Can Sketchnote Anything, Even the Rules to a Board Game

It’s snowing, like, A LOT today. Winter has treated us well in Canada until the last few days and it’s just piling up, quickly. Last year we started playing more board games with our kids. My son, who’s now 8 years old is OBSESSED with Settlers of Catan. He learned how to play when he was 6 and he’s so strategic with it, it’s honestly impressive. 

You can sketchnote anything, even the rules to a board game. 

You can see here I’ve taken a picture of our board and used layers (more on that in a second) to draw on top of it to highlight different aspects of the game. We already had it set up so all I did was make sure that I had all the pieces set up for helping explain it. Does it have EVERY single rule, no, but this gives you most of what you need to know how to play! If you play this game, or know someone, feel free to print this off and include it with your rule book in your game box! 

Ok back to layers. When digital sketchnoting the ’layers’ features is going to be your best friend. I used layers to allow myself to color in behind the writing and it’s great for being able to fix mistakes quickly. Keep the picture on it’s very own layer so that you are only drawing on top of the photo. You can name your layers if that helps but usually I’m too impatient, but if can be helpful if you end up with A LOT. Save the original file first before the final (usually a jpeg or png). Having the original (my program saves as a .tiff) allows you to keep all your layers separate, which might come in handy if you need to go back and fix something.

There you have it!  A fun board-game-inspired-sketchnote-style rules card! 

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