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When Should You Use a Line or Arrow and When Should You Use a Container

🐔🥚This is a bit like the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”—it’s impossible to answer!

All you really have to do is trust your instincts. There will be more times when it makes more sense to use containers and other times when you’ll feel like arrows will work better. The key🔑 is to start incorporating them all when you’re ready. That’s when things get fun and your sketchnote starts to come together 👏🏼

➡️ 📦 Play around with all three elements (lines, arrows, and containers) at the same time. Make decisions in the moment. After you’re done with one sketchnote (and without being too hard on yourself) ask yourself what you could have changed to better show the flow and contain the information more clearly. What worked? What didn’t? What did you like? What would you like to try on the next sketchnote you do? 🤔💭

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