What is so Important that I want you to know?

✍🏼 Sketchnotes are a tool for your personal learning—and that means that they only need to have meaning for you. Your sketchnotes may (and probably will) look entirely different from mine. And that’s GOOD. Find and embrace YOUR style.

👯 The other great thing about sketchnoting is that it’s totally up to you if you want to share with others. If people see you sketchnoting, they’ll often ask you questions about what you’re doing. As your confidence grows you may choose to share, and that’s amazing too. 

💗 My hope is that you will share, and share widely, because I know your sketchnotes will make a positive impact on others. Just remember: they’re your learning tool. If you’re nervous about sharing, don’t put pressure on yourself, especially in the beginning.

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