Visual Thinking in a Verbal World

First off, I want to share some gratitudes. I’m not super great at a gratitude practice BUT this might be a nice way to be accountable this week.

This week I’m grateful for:

☀️The sunshine (finally it’s out!)

📘A new book (which I’ll tell you about in a minute!)

🥰Some time with friends in the last few weeks

✏️Wonderful work projects (my clients are honestly the best)

Last weekend, while we were in the city for my oldest daughter’s birthday we swung by the bookstore to pick up some books for her as a gift and I came across ‘Visual Thinking’ by Temple Grandin. Of course I had to bring it home and in between life and things I’ve started to flip through it a bit. I can’t give you my overall opinion just yet (I’ll keep you posted in my Instagram stories so make sure to follow me there if you don’t).

Earlier this week I appreciated the authors comment about how many students in “special education” are “simply visual thinkers who are being screened out because the current curriculum favors verbal, linear thinkers who are good at taking tests. The hands-on classes where some of there “poor students” might have shown great ability are now gone”

My heart just sank, but I wasn’t surprised to read this. In a day where creative thinking is sought after, we still favor linear/verbal ways of being when we know many students are just not wired that way – maybe none of us truly are – hard to say? Students turn into adults, so the creative deficit is impacting us all and visual thinking almost feels like ‘new’ even though it’s really natural to us (ahem, cave paintings?!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this 💜


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