Use a Dedicated Sketchbook & Keep a Journal of Your Progress

📖 Try keeping a dedicated sketchbook just for your sketchnoting practice. Then you can carry it with you, go back to previous drawings and ideas, redraw and get inspiration from what you’ve done in the past. 

✏️ When I was starting out, it was helpful to be able to flip back through my drawings and go, “Oh yeah! I DO know how to draw a sneaker! And here’s how I did it!”

📝 When you create a sketchnote, make a quick note in a dedicated journal about what you want to do differently on the next one. Write down any struggles that you’re experiencing, observations about the process, and anything you want to try next time. 

✍🏼You can even create a sketchnote on how you want to improve your sketchnotes!

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