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The most common question I get asked: Did You Run Out of Space?

This can happen and it gets easier to avoid the more you practice. Here are some strategic things you can try to help make everything fit next time: One strategic move is dividing your page into sections before you start. If the class or presentation is an hour long, you could divide the page into quarters and fill one quarter every 15 minutes. ⏳

Use very light pencil lines that can be erased easily—it’s really just a guide for your use. Another strategy is not committing to paper right away. Though I would highly encourage you to just put pencil to paper and start, you can hold off for a little while. For example, if the presentation or class is an hour long, you could decide to not commit to paper for the first ten minutes. You could have some scrap paper or another page in your notebook where you could jot a few notes then decide what you want to draw. ✏️

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