sketch doodle and draw written digitally overtop of a photograph of a piece of paper with a hand off to the side

the GOodies! ✏️

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Lettering for beginners

Dive into the enchanting world of lettering with this beginner’s course! Discover the art of transforming words into stunning visual masterpieces, perfect for adding a personal touch to your everyday life. Whether you’re looking to pick up a new skill, beautify your journal, or simply indulge in a creative pastime, this course offers endless possibilities.

Fun with Procreate: Learn the Basics of Digital Art

The Procreate 101 course is designed for beginners and those new to digital art. It provides comprehensive instruction on using Procreate, a popular digital illustration app. The course covers essential tools, techniques, and features of the app, helping students create their digital artwork with confidence. It’s perfect for anyone looking to transition from traditional to digital art or enhance their existing digital skills.

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