My Heart Felt Love 💗

My 10 year old daughter made me cry recently. She was telling me about how she recently saw me bounce my 6 month old niece on my knee and sing a song. She said that when she heard and saw me doing this, a rush of memories came over her. She’s not sure if she remembered me doing that to her as a baby (that would be super impressive if that’s the case) or if it was a memory from her brother or sister. But she said the sweetest thing when referring to that memory: ”if went from my brain to my heart and my heart felt love.” 

Cue the waterworks – in case you are wondering, this is what I looked like: 😭. In addition to wanting 2024 to be the year of FUN (which I told you about a few weeks ago) I want to be more present and focus on being more in the moment. 

I decided to take a few minutes and create a mini sketchnote of this beautiful interaction. One of the many things I love about sketchnoting is that you can sketchnote absolutely anything. Sketchnoting can help you not just encapsulate something that you are learning but something you are experiencing, like a small yet meaningful interaction with someone.

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