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Life is Like a Jar of Jellybeans…

not chocolates, stay with me…

While I was being interviewed on a podcast this week I came with this analogy on the spot.Picture this: every time you face rejection, you drop a jellybean into the Rejection Jar. Sounds a bit sour, right? But here’s the twist—simultaneously, a jellybean goes into the Confidence Jar.

Getting rejected just plain sucks, but with every rejection you start to build up resiliency, they don’t hurt as much and you are equally building up your resiliency to handle the next rejection with a bit more of a care-free attitude. So just as jellybeans accumulate in the Rejection Jar, so one automatically has to go in the does Confidence Jar. 

Unfortunately you may not see it right away, but over time, you become more resilient, more self-assured, and more confident in your abilities.

Remember:  Rejections are like workouts for your confidence muscle. Tough at first, but each one makes you more robust. So, don’t shy away from rejection; embrace it as a necessary part of your journey.

As you navigate through your own jellybean-filled adventure, keep in mind that rejection isn’t a roadblock—it’s a detour leading to a more confident you. Embrace those rejections, and soon your Confidence Jar will be overflowing with self-assurance.

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