Let\’s Break Down this Cute Little World Sketchnote Drawing

Yesterday I was in Halifax, NS live graphic recording a conference for CCA (Continuing Care Assistants) leaders and colleagues. They were SO NICE TO ME. Thank you anyone who might be reading this who saw me yesterday. Check out my instagram stories before they are gone. There are some little behind the scenes snippers. 


The keynote speaker was AMAZING and he had a part where we was lifting up the people in the room. I drew this little world guy – because it related to what he was saying – with the words ’you are great!’. As a whole it looks complicated but it’s truly not. Here’s a breakdown of what I did. It all took probably less than 2 minutes to do this little part on the board. (I’m VERY QUICK, OK!?)

I drew the world. Now, you notice it’s not a WHOLE world. THAT’s OK (sorry, i’m really excited today, lots of caps…) You can get your point across by only drawing ’half’ of things – it’s totally cool. To be honest, I might have drawn his cute little face last but for the purpose of this email and image series I was too lazy to break that part out. 

Next were the words. I put my information, one word under each word and made the word ’great’ just a little bit bigger for emphasis. 

Then I put my container around the words, hugging each word just to make it a little bit more visually appealing. I have the tail of the speech bubble towards the world. It’s not perfect towards his mouth and THAT’S OK. It doesn’t have to be perfect, yo.

Next, for extra embellishment I added the bright pink around the black line just to make it stand out a bit more and make it pop. You’ll notice that the black line went slightly over onto the world and that’s OK! (Are you sensing a theme here? There are no rules!) . I didn’t put the pink on the world though because I didn’t want the pink to bleed onto the teal color because I thought it might look weird. 

AND there you have it folks. A little breakdown of the graphic. 

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