If you want to change your fruits, you have to change your roots🍎

I’ve been feeling a little uneasy lately. I often have feelings of anxiousness instead of excitement, or is it really just a fine line between the two? Has that ever happened to do you? How do you feel when trying new things?

As I was reflecting on my uneasy feeling, I came across this idea this week so I created a little mini sketchnote visual for all of you. “If you want to change your fruits, you have to change your roots” But as we know changing your roots can often really uncomfortable! 🍎

As I was writing this, the opening remarks as at the event I was live illustrating said “Change is constant” in their opening remarks. Aint that the truth!

Even though I practice sketchnoting pretty much daily, most of the time creating pieces for other people I surprisingly forget the power of drawing out my own thoughts and emotions. Having little visual reminders like this tree, and taking the time to actually create it can be helpful to remembering and embodying the idea. It’s a fun challenge recently for me to take a minute to sketchnote my feelings as they come up. And hey, it doesn’t have to be precious and I can always ditch if I want to. So here’s your permission to create an ugly sketchnote when you need to work through some of your feelings!

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