Do you Struggle With Your Title?

How to create Titles for Sketchnoting, sketchnote

Sometimes getting started on a sketchnote can be really daunting. Before you do anything else, write a title. Starting with your title can help you build confidence—it’s a small thing, but it gets you putting pen to paper. Now you aren’t staring at a blank page anymore! You can put your title at the top, in the middle, or on the side. If you have 5 minutes or more, you can take your time, get in the zone, and get your creative juices flowing with a fun design. You may also only have fifteen seconds to grab a marker and quickly write the presentation title or name of the class—that’s totally fine as well! Don’t make the title too big. Keep it to no more than 10 – 15% of your page. Play around with the position of the title and find out where you like it best.

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