Do You Have a Creativity Scar?

When you can’t fall asleep what do you do? 💤

🎧I listen to something, usually an audiobook.

Last week I was listening to Brene Brown’s the Power of Vulnerability, and I even though I was almost off to dream land she said something that made me sit up in bed and make note of the timestamp so I could revisit in the morning. (Any Brene Brown fans in the crowd? Let me know so we can geek out together)

85% of people remember something SO shaming that happening in school that it forever changed how they thought of themselves as learners.

🎭 About HALF of those experiences are what Brene calls “creativity scars” which is something like writing, art, drama, etc.

I’ve been talking about these types of childhood experiences A LOT of podcasts in the last few months and I’m sad to say that it’s backed up by Brene’s research.

If you believe you aren’t creative, is this why?

🧑🏼‍🎨 A huge percentage of us are walking around with a creativity scar. I even have one and I had to work extremely hard to rewrite the belief that came my experience as a 9 year old where I was told that I was painting “wrong”

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