Creating a Sketchnote to Help Communicate Important Information

On Sunday and into this week we’ve had multiple wildfires breakout across the province in Canada where I live, Nova Scotia. On Tuesday the government did an update. I saw that the video of the update was 45 minutes long. I thought to myself ”who has time to watch an update that long” so I listened to the update at 1.5x speed and created this sketchnote graphic of the key highlights from that update. I shared on socials and got a lot of positive response, people thanking me for sharing. 

Sketchnotes are a powerful way to help communicate information, in a quick and engaging way. They can be particularly effective in times of crisis or where we need to share information in a quick way. Of course, I wish I didn’t create this, it’s an unfortunate reason to create a sketchnote. In Sunni Brown’s quick TEDtalk Sunni Brown’s quick TEDtalk she mentions why visualizing information is effective from the boardroom to the war room, where the importance of that information and comprehension of that information is very high.

A reminder that sketchnotes can be effective for you AND for the people around you if you feel compelled to share. 

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