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Is this you?

  • You sit in a class or meeting, scribbling frantically as you try to get every word on paper.
  • You strain your brain trying to stay engaged and listen actively—but find yourself zoning out every time.
  • You go back to review your notes later and realize in horror that everything you wrote down has left your brain.
  • You can’t decide if you just uniquely suck at taking notes or if your brain just…can’t handle information anymore.

Traditional notetaking can be a real bummer. It’s slow, it’s boring, and most of the time you barely retain a thing!

Sketchnotes combine text and simple images to communicate information quickly and memorably.

They require no artistic ability (really!) and have been scientifically proven to help notetakers retain information 8 times better than just writing things out!

A visual notetaking method like sketchnotes can take you from struggling to remember what was said, to easily recalling key points and having fun doing it!


Not sure where to start? I’ve got you!

I know sketchnoting can feel overwhelming at first.
There’s a whole new visual language to learn and so many resources to sift through. But you don’t have to do this alone.



In sketchnote school you will...

  • Learn the foundational sketchnoting skills to help you create a meaningful sketchnote every time.
  • Dive into how to listen and make meaning while capturing information and drawings simultaneously.
  • Build visual vocabulary skills so you know what to draw when you hear a word or concept.
  • Get ongoing support from me and others just like you

All the good stuff inside...

  • A safe space of like-minded folks who are in a variety of stages in their sketchnoting journey hosted on the user friendly Circle platform
  • Opportunity to ask your questions and get support from Ashton and other community members
  • Access to the Sketchnote All The Things Course
  • All of Ashton's ebooks for download
  • Cheat sheets with 1000+ drawings for inspiration
  • Get early access to all of Ashton's books, products and courses - all which will live in the community!
  • Video interviews with other sketchnoters just like you
  • Monthly live workshops - topics picked by the community
learn to sketchnote with sketchnote school

What Community Members are saying...

"Joining the Sketchnote School led by Ashton has been such a fantastic decision! Her passion for teaching and creating a supportive environment is unparalleled. Ashton uses step-by-step instructions and has an engaging style which have transformed my pale notes into beautiful doodles. The continuous support, inspiration, and connections within the community have been invaluable.

If you're considering joining this sketchnote community, it will be one of the best decisions you make. Ashton is more than a teacher; she is a mentor, a friend, and a constant source of inspiration. In the community, we uplift and motivate each other, celebrating our wins and supporting one another through challenges. The feedback and encouragement you receive from Ashton will unlock your creativity and boost your confidence.

Thank you, Ashton for the positive impact you've had on my life"  -Sema Y.

"The Sketchnote School community is such a fun and supportive group! Whether you participate just a little or you jump right in with both feet, no matter your artistic skill level, everyone has been open, welcoming, and excited to share their sketchnote journey. It's a fun space to share practice sketchnotes for everything from daily To-Do lists to multi-day training sessions. And I love building my visual vocabulary with the Weekly Doodles! Would totally recommend if you're looking to learn more about graphic note-taking!" - Victoria M.


$17 per month


What people are saying about working with Ashton...

“I value the incredibly artful and expressive way in which you transformed our thoughts into visions.  This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for and it reinforces my belief that ideas captured this way have their own power and energy that continues to resonate long after you have put the pen away." -  Christopher Black

"I am amazed at Ashton’s ability to illustrate understanding of deep concepts by gathering context from the speaker on the fly. She intently listens and formulates images that resonate with the audience. She truly has a gift, and I’m amazed by her!” Annie Hedgepeth