Block Your Content!

When capturing notes on lined paper, we write sentences that stretch across the entire width of the page and continue onto the next line. But in sketchnoting ...
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Use Containers to Reinforce Meaning

A container any kind of shape or border that goes around information in your sketchnote.  You can use containers to embellish or reinforce the meaning of the ...
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Stick people showing you Can Draw People for sketchnote

You Can Draw People!

Drawing people or faces in your sketchnotes can help humanize the information you’re capturing. You can draw faces or figures to represent people who are quoted or ...
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How to improve Your Handwriting with this Quick Hack

Improve Your Handwriting with this Quick Hack

Do you want to improve your handwriting? To make your letters more legible, lift your pencil (or pen, marker, stylus, whatever you’re writing with) every time you ...
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Examples of a layout and template for sketchnote

The Difference Between a Layout & a Template

When you start sketchnoting, It’s totally normal if you feel the urge to capture the information in the same way that you would on lined paper, which ...
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How to create Titles for Sketchnoting, sketchnote

Do you Struggle With Your Title?

Sometimes getting started on a sketchnote can be really daunting. Before you do anything else, write a title. Starting with your title can help you build confidence—it’s ...
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