Overlap & Intertwine Info and Drawings in Your Sketchnote

When you sketchnote, you’re using your visual language and your written language together to communicate meaning. And you can unite these two languages even more smoothly by ...
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What Can You Sketchnote?

If you aren’t sketchnoting presentations all day like me, what in the heck do you sketchnote?  Here’s a list of some things that you can sketchnote:  When ...
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Listening When Sketchnoting

People Summarizing Themselves: ”What I’m really trying to say is …”Sketchnoting is all about active listening and assessing in the moment whether you need to include a ...
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Creating a Sketchnote to Help Communicate Important Information

On Sunday and into this week we’ve had multiple wildfires breakout across the province in Canada where I live, Nova Scotia. On Tuesday the government did an update. ...
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Let’s Break Down this Cute Little World Sketchnote Drawing

Yesterday I was in Halifax, NS live graphic recording a conference for CCA (Continuing Care Assistants) leaders and colleagues. They were SO NICE TO ME. Thank you anyone ...
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Draw a “crappy” Drawing… Seriously

One of the first things that people usually say to me when they see my graphics/sketchnotes is, ”oh! I could never draw that”. My gut reaction, honestly ...
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Adding Humor into your Sketchnote

The other week I was drawing in person at a strategic planning event. If I feel like the client will appreciate it I like to infuse a little of ...
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Playing with Block Letters

I love a good title. I LOVE spending time on my titles, they can really help ground you in the beginning of sketchnoting and help you get ...
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Start and Come Back Method

If you’re in a rush, start drawing a thing or writing a word and give yourself permission to move on before it’s done. Then go back after ...
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