The Size of Your Writing Has Meaning

✍🏼 This is going to sound obvious, but I’m still going to say it: Change the size of your writing to reflect the importance of the information. The ...
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Things to Consider for Your Sketchnotes

😀 Personality, Not Perfection! ~ The goal is NOT to create “the perfect sketchnote” but to learn and have fun doing it! 👩🏼‍🎨 Be Inspired, Not Intimidated ...
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Visual Language Has a Vocabulary That You Can Practice

💬 What happens when you start learning a new language? You learn a few words and the basic way to use them, but whenever you try to ...
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Layout for Sketchnote, notetaking or bullet Journal

Testing Different Layouts

📃Every time you create a sketchnote, try starting in a new place on the page and see how that feels. By testing different layouts, you’ll likely end ...
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Letters are Drawing in Disguise 🔠

✍🏼 Do you hate your handwriting? If you do, that’s ok! Handwriting is just any writing you do with a pen or pencil ✏ You have permission ...
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Did You Spell Something Wrong?

❌ As a professional graphic recorder, I spell things wrong all the time. We aren’t human dictionaries, so don’t let the fact that you don’t know how ...
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One of the Best Things About Sketchnoting is it’s Practically Zero Cost to Start Up!

When you’re starting something new, it’s common to feel like you need to go out and buy special supplies in order to do it properly. I’m here ...
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Overlap & Intertwine Info and Drawings in Your Sketchnote

When you sketchnote, you’re using your visual language and your written language together to communicate meaning. And you can unite these two languages even more smoothly by ...
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What Can You Sketchnote?

If you aren’t sketchnoting presentations all day like me, what in the heck do you sketchnote?  Here’s a list of some things that you can sketchnote:  When ...
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