Author name: Ashton Rodenhiser

We Don’t Like What We Don’t Understand

One of my favorite documentaries of all time came out in 2010 as is titled ‘Wasteland’. Borrowed from Wikipedia the film is about an artist, Vik Muniz who travels to the world’s largest landfill in Jardim Gramacho, just outside Rio de Janeiro, to collaborate with a lively group of “catadores” (workers who salvage recyclable materials from the garbage)

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Build Connections & Create Separation

➡️⬅️Sometimes the flow of your sketchnote will branch off in different directions, and that’s ok! Information might come up that’s connected to a much earlier point, and that can be confusing without a visual cue. 🧠 You can use lines and arrows to bridge concepts together and help yourself remember those connections. ⏸️⏸️Sometimes we need

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