Our Story

After taking page after page of notes in meetings and lectures, our founder Ashton eventually realize that she had absorbed almost nothing. Shew was left fustrated and anxious, feeling like she couldn’t keep up. With barely any drawing skills, she tried her first sketchnote in an attempt to bring more fun into the learning process. Her mind was blown:

“it was fun, it was easy – and I remembered the material!”

Since then, Ashton turned sketchnoting into a career as a professional sketchnoter where she developed techniques to live-illustrate over 2500 seminars, lectures, and meetings all over North America.

Now, on a mission to teach others how to harness their creativity, embrace imperfection, and capture information in powerful and fun new ways we bring you: Sketchnote School!

“We believe that sketchnoting is more than just sketching and note-taking: It’s a playful skill that you can polish to make continuous learning easier in every aspect of your life.”

For lifelong learners, Sketchnote School is the learning community that will aid your learning progress, so you can understand, retain, and share complex information with others.

With Sketchnote School, we know you will:
Expand your visual toolkit and abilities, allowing you to better communicate and understand.
Foster a sense of exploration, inquiry, and a desire to learn more in a safe and inclusive environment.
Enjoy how to make your learning experience effective and enjoyable.
Meet other lifelong learners and find out what works for them!

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Our Team

Whether you’re a lifelong learner or need quick learning techniques that retain and communicate information, we’re here to help you succeed!
Ashton Rodenhiser
Ashton Rodenhiser is live illustrator, founder of Sketchnote School and author of the Beginner's Guide to Sketchnoting.
Karen Peterson
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John Doe
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