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For lifelong learners, Sketchnote School is here to aid your learning progress. It will become your go-to-tool to help you understand, retain and share complex information with others. ALL while teaching you fun visual elements to make learning fun!

The ultimate skill for learning success

What we do is more than just teaching you how to sketch beautifully or take useful notes. Sketchnoting is a creative skill that you can polish to make continuous learning easier –  in every aspect of your work or personal life!

Benefits include:

Increased comprehension during and after learning exercises

Ability to easily communicate complex ideas

Not to mention a whole lot of learning fun!

Increased visual vocabulary

Getting to express yourself

Your accountability partner

We like to make sure that our community is a space of shared learning and mutual growth. To make sure you keep moving forward on your learning journey, we strive to make our community is a place to:

Learn more about support available in the Playground and the Classroom here.

If you want to change your fruits, you have to change your roots🍎

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Visual Thinking in a Verbal World

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Do You Have a Creativity Scar?

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Join other lifelong learners

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Get additional support in the classroom!

For learners who are dedicated to honing their sketchnoting skills, our classroom offers additional learning opportunities with access to in-community experts, mentorship and on-demand resources!


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