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I want to help you with your sketchnoting journey!

There are two ways to learn from me!

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Hi, I'm Ashton

I used to take page after page of notes in meetings and lectures, only to realize that I had absorbed almost nothing. I was frustrated and anxious, feeling like I couldn’t keep up. Then, even though I barely knew how to draw, I tried my first sketchnote—and my mind was blown! It was fun! It was easy! And I remembered the material! Since then, I’ve made sketchnoting into a career. As a graphic recorder (or professional sketchnoter), I’ve used these same techniques to live-illustrate over 2200 seminars, lectures, and meetings all over North America. I’ve worked with corporations from Microsoft to Amazon.

Now I’m on a mission to teach other people how to harness their creativity, embrace imperfection, and capture information in new, powerful, and fun ways.


Draw Your First Sketchnote

Do you think visually but struggle with traditional note taking? Sketchnoting is a powerful skill to take meaningful notes and have fun at the same time!  This 15 minute workshop will walk you through some tips on sketchnoting while drawing our your first sketchnote. Don't know how to draw? Even better! You don't have to be an 'artist' to draw your notes!

Draw your first sketchnote

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