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Belong to the most supportive sketchnoting learning space on the internet 🤩

learn to sketchnote

What sets us apart is our unique approach. We teach both the "notetaking" and "sketching" part of sketchnoting for maximum learning fun! With Sketchnote School, you'll: 

✏️ Expand your visual toolkit and abilities, allowing you to better communicate and understand. 

✏️ Foster a sense of exploration, inquiry, and a desire to learn more in a safe and inclusive environment. 

✏️ Enjoy how to make your learning experience effective and enjoyable.

✏️ Meet other lifelong learners and find out what works for them! 

🎉What people have to say about Sketchnote School:

"The Sketchnote School community is such a fun and supportive group! Whether you participate just a little or you jump right in with both feet, no matter your artistic skill level, everyone has been open, welcoming, and excited to share their sketchnote journey. It's a fun space to share practice sketchnotes for everything from daily To-Do lists to multi-day training sessions. And I love building my visual vocabulary with the Weekly Doodles! Would totally recommend if you're looking to learn more about graphic note-taking!" - Victoria M.

"Joining the Sketchnote School led by Ashton has been such a fantastic decision! Her passion for teaching and creating a supportive environment is unparalleled. Ashton uses step-by-step instructions and has an engaging style which have transformed my pale notes into beautiful doodles. The continuous support, inspiration, and connections within the community have been invaluable.

If you're considering joining this sketchnote community, it will be one of the best decisions you make. Ashton is more than a teacher; she is a mentor, a friend, and a constant source of inspiration. In the community, we uplift and motivate each other, celebrating our wins and supporting one another through challenges. The feedback and encouragement you receive from Ashton will unlock your creativity and boost your confidence.

Thank you, Ashton for the positive impact you've had on my life"  -Sema Y


👁️ Let’s take a peek inside:


Hi, I'm Ashton

After taking page after page of notes in meetings and lectures, I eventually realize that I had absorbed almost nothing. I was frustrated and anxious, feeling like I couldn’t keep up.

Even though I barely knew how to draw, I tried my first sketchnote in an attempt to bring more fun back into my learning process. My mind was blown; it was fun, it was easy - and I remembered the material!

Since then, I’ve made sketchnoting into a career as a graphic recorder, or as I prefer, a professional sketchnoter. I’ve used these same techniques to live-illustrate over 3000 seminars, lectures, and meetings all over North America. I’ve worked with corporations from Microsoft to Amazon.

Now, on a mission to teach others how to harness their creativity, embrace imperfection, and capture information in new, powerful, and fun ways we bring you Sketchnote School!
We believe that sketchnoting is more than just sketching and note-taking.

It's a playful skill that you can polish to make continuous learning easier in every aspect of your life. For lifelong learners, Sketchnote School is the learning community that will aid your learning progress, so you can understand, retain, and share complex information with others.


☝️ Ready to take your sketchnoting skills to the next level?

Join the Classroom: 

📝 Challenges 

🗣️ Weekly studio hours where you can come and get your questions answered live 

🎨 Monthly in house workshops + monthly special guest workshops

📼 Access to video vault with all past recordings of workshops and sessions.


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